READING, PA (August 22, 2019) – A few years ago, the Association for Fundraising Professionals Berks Regional Chapter (AFP) and the Community Foundation partnered to develop a conference for nonprofit executives and development professionals. We knew there would be interest, but as the conference sold out and the waiting list grew, we became keenly aware of the hunger for affordable professional development opportunities close to home.

The previous Nonprofit Leadership & Learning Conference in Berks County sold out.

We decided that our first joint conference could not be our last. That’s why this October we are once again co-hosting A Bright Idea Nonprofit Leadership & Learning Conference.

As you would expect, there will be compelling keynote speakers and timely breakout sessions. Those things are important. But equally, if not more, important are the opportunities the conference provides that are not listed on the official agenda.

If you’ve been here for any period of time you know that, at its heart, Berks County is a big small town. When I looked around the conference room last time, I was struck by the incredible reach of the nonprofit sector, by the representatives from all of the organizations that make this community tick. It’s a room full of people who get up every day dedicated to making Berks County a great place, a safe place, a beautiful and engaging place for all kinds of people to live. So, while it’s not on the official agenda, the conference is definitely a time to meet and catch up with others who are of like minds, and to forge connections that could make all the difference for our community.

The Bright Idea Conference also gives nonprofit professionals a moment to breathe. For a few hours they can sit back and think about the big picture, maybe even reconnect to why they work where they do in the first place. Attendees certainly walk away having learned something new, but in the process, they may find the next day back in the office more invigorating.

Of course, this isn’t the only conference around, and there are many other conferences that are better tailored to a nonprofit’s specific area of focus. But when it comes to community, to leadership, to connecting and thinking and talking about doing this work in Berks County, there’s no better place to be than the Bright Idea conference.

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Heidi Williamson
Vice President for Programs and Initiatives
Berks County Community Foundation