This photo shows some of our moving crew, from L&J

Transportation unloading what we lovingly came to call “Tyga Boxes.” These plastic boxes, which are made from recycled material, replace the old corrugated cardboard boxes, which would have been discarded (while putting them into the recycling stream is better than not……it’s better still to reuse).

Members of our team loaded all of their office belongings into Tyga boxes, labeled them and stacked them four high on a cart. The L&J team loaded them onto an eighteen wheel truck along with our furniture and a few hours later, the whole job was complete. We completed the move in one day rather than the scheduled two days thanks to L&J’s hard work and by August 28, we were able to begin unpacking some of the boxes.
The Tyga boxes were cool and very functional. But the folks from L&J told me that they’re doing other things to go green, including adding governors to the engines of their trucks to limit speeds and improve fuel economy.