READING, PA (December 30, 2020) – All hail the class of 2021!

It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, hundreds of Berks County students will graduate from high school and strike out to make it on their own in a brave new world (even if that world still requires their parents’ wifi and cell phone plan).

Yes, as time marches on, so do these smart young things, and with any luck they may qualify for a scholarship to help them with whatever comes next, whether that be college or trade school.

If you know a member of the class of 2021, or anyone who plans to continue their education this fall, encourage them to check out our new scholarship application.

After creating a simple log-in and filling out some basic information, they’ll arrive at a wondrous form with all kinds of seemingly crazy questions… questions carefully designed to match them to any of the more than 80 scholarships that are available this year.

If you’ve applied or helped a student apply for a scholarship with us before, you’ll know that this is an improvement over past years, when students scoured our list of scholarships and applied to each one separately. The new system matches students to scholarships for which they qualify, and if a specific scholarship requires more information (such as an essay or reference), they’ll submit it through the system after they know they qualify.

Many of the scholarships are for students graduating from high school, but others support non-traditional students or students already in college or trade school, too. If you know someone who is planning to continue their education this fall, it’s worth the time for them to fill out the form to see if they qualify for any scholarships. Applications for most scholarships are accepted January 1 to March 15.

Finally, in case you’re wondering where all of these scholarships came from, they were created by other Berks County residents to support local students. Each year, hundreds of scholarships are awarded thanks to the money these residents set aside to support students, leave a legacy, or honor their loved ones. In 2020, 260 Berks County students received more than $600,000 from the Community Foundation to help them with the next phase of their education. We expect similar numbers this year.

So spread the word about this opportunity, and you may just stir up a bit of hope and excitement for the future, which – with these kids in charge – is bound to be bright.




Heidi Williamson

Senior Vice President for Programs and Initiatives

Berks County Community Foundation