The Sustainable Energy Fund will not accept new applications until January 15, 2019. Information about applying will be posted at that time.

The Metropolitan Edison Sustainable Energy Fund and Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund favor the use of funds for lending, equity or other forms of investment in projects that meet the funds’ objectives. A limited amount of grantmaking will be done from the funds to advance their purposes.

Projects that will be considered
The following types of projects are eligible for grants from the funds:

1. Projects that educate power users in the Penelec or Met Ed region about renewable energy, the importance of energy conservation and/or energy conservation methods.

2. Projects that will improve the environment within the Penelec or Met Ed service territory, relative to the transmission and distribution facilities of the company. These grants will be specifically limited to projects that propose to provide a public benefit from the use of the company’s facilities. Applicants should not contact Metropolitan Edison or Pennsylvania Electric directly regarding these projects, but should contact the respective Community Foundation.

3. Studies of the implementation of established or developing technologies (i.e. wind studies, methane quality studies) for projects to be situated in the Penelec or Met Ed region. Preference will be given to projects that, if feasible, are likely to be attractive investments from the fund. Grants made under this category are limited to $25,000 per applicant. It is anticipated that the majority of funds for such studies will come from other sources.

Any organization, governmental entity, individual or corporation may apply for grants under this program. Entities that are not exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or are not units of government may apply, but should expect to provide extensive information as to their operations and be subject to significant oversight by the Foundation in the use of the funds.

How to apply for a grant

If you are in the Penelec territory, click here to apply for a grant, loan or equity investment.

If you are in the Met Ed territoryclick here to apply for a grant, loan, equity investment or energy audit grant online.

Staff Review:
A staff member will review and evaluate the application and contact you as soon as possible. The staff representative will work to understand the culture of your organization and the opportunities that your proposal presents to both your organization and the Sustainable Energy Funds in accomplishing their respective missions.

Grant Award
The Sustainable Energy Fund Advisory Board will evaluate completed applications and make grant recommendations to the Community Foundations’ Boards of Directors for its final approval. The timeline for decisions varies greatly, depending on the complexity of the project. Applicants should assume that the process will require a minimum of seventy-five days.

Applicants are strongly urged not to directly contact members of the Sustainable Energy Fund Advisory Board or the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies or Berks County Community Foundation. All communications regarding an application should be made through the designated staff representative.



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