Berks County Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board Members represent a cross-section of community leadership. The Board directs the investment of funds, the distribution of grants and the setting of strategic goals for the Community Foundation.

Corporate Officers


Sue Perrotty

P. Sue Perrotty,
President and Owner,
BAC Services LLC


Kevin K. Murphy,
Berks County Community Foundation


Frances A. Aitken, CPA,
Chief Operating Officer,
Berks County Community Foundation

Assistant Treasurer

Latisha Bernard Schuenemann, Esq.,
Shareholder, Leisawitz Heller


Jay R. Wagner, Esq.,
Shareholder, Stevens & Lee

Board Members

James S. Boscov

Boscov’s Department Stores

Eric Burkey

Burkey Group

Lyn Camella-Rich

Co-owner and artist, Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery and Studio

Vicki Ebner

Senior Counsel, East Penn Manufacturing

P. Michael Ehlerman

Former President, Yuasa Battery Inc.

Stephen M. Fritz

Former President, VF Outlet Inc.

Elaine McDevitt

(on leave of absence)

Former CEO,
The Rose Corporation

Michael L. Mixell, Esq.

Partner, Barley Snyder

Kevin K. Murphy

President, Berks County Community Foundation

P. Sue Perrotty

President and Owner,
BAC Services LLC

Bala Peterson

Director of Research and Development,
Fenix Group International

Marilu Rodríguez-Bauer, Esq.

Founder, RB Legal Counsel LLC

Latisha Bernard Schuenemann, Esq.

Shareholder, Leisawitz Heller

Ramona D. Turpin

Workforce Development Instructor, Literacy Council of Reading-Berks Inc.

Al Weber

Tweed-Weber Inc.

Former Board Members

Paulette J. Amprey
Thomas A. Beaver
Mary M. Bertolet, Esq.
Beth A. Bitler
Daniel B. Boyer
Robert W. Cardy
Mary Ann Chelius Smith
Timothy S. Cobb
Donald M. Cooper
G. Walton Cottrell
Nelson A. De Leon
Lawrence F. Delp
John Dever
Dennis M. Draeger
Severin Fayerman
Ronald J. Foy
Nancy V. Giles
James A. Gilmartin
Charles Haddad, Esq.
Jan Heller
Alfred G. Hemmerich
Kathleen D. Herbein

T. Jerome Holleran
Gerard G. Johnson
Julia H. Klein
Sidney D. Kline, Jr., Esq.
Paul Kozloff
Thomas D. Leidy, Esq.
Andrew Maier, II
Samuel A. McCullough
Mackey J. McDonald
Terrence J. McGlinn, Sr.
Thomas M. McMahon
Marlin Miller, Jr.
William M. Moeller
Glenn E. Moyer
Leon S. Myers
Joni S. Naugle
Lester A. Ortiz
Chris Pruitt, CPA
Lawrence R. Pugh
Terry L. Rarick
Karen A. Rightmire
Michael Rivera

June A. Roedel
Paul Roedel
Dr. William K. Runyeon
Robert A. Rupel
Jayne R. Schaeffer, CPA
Carl Staples
David L. Thun
The Honorable Mary Ann Ullman
Donald van Roden
Wayne R. Weidner
J. William Widing III, Esq.
Thomas K. Williams
Col. Harry D. Yoder