Heidi Williamson, Chief Strategy Officer, shares her perspective from where she stands… “On the Ground.”

02 / 01


Sunshine Review


I'm conducting research on how people get information in Berks County. My first step was to ask community members to go on an "information scavenger [...]

Sunshine Review2013-02-01T18:57:47-05:00

01 / 04


Make a Stylish Difference


As you may have heard by now, The Power of the Purse in Berks County Fund was created at the Community Foundation in 2012 by [...]

Make a Stylish Difference2013-01-04T20:34:45-05:00

05 / 09


Resources for Libraries


I was invited to spend two days in Washington DC last week to learn about the issues facing libraries in the US and around the [...]

Resources for Libraries2012-05-09T19:26:53-04:00
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