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Full Report - Berks County Health Needs Assessment 2006  Download  
Executive Report - Berks County Health Needs Assessment 2006  Download  
Table of Contents  Download  
Background and Methodology  Download  
Key Issues  Download  
General Health  Download  
Mental Health  Download  
Hypertension & Cholesterol  Download  
STD  Download  
Chronic Illnesses  Download  
Diabetes  Download  
Heart Disease  Download  
Asthma  Download  
Severe Allergies  Download  
Arthritis or Rheumatism  Download  
Cancer  Download  
Health Insurance and Medical Coverage  Download  
Treatment  Download  
Routine Medical Care  Download  
Utilization  Download  
Dental Care  Download  
Language  Download  
Food & Nutrition  Download  
Exercise  Download  
Smoking  Download  
Drug & Alcohol Use  Download  
Domestic Violence  Download  
Household Profile & Demographics  Download  
Revised Household Survery  Download  
Works Cited  Download  
Insert - Report on Health of Berks County Residents 2006  Download  
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