BOYERTOWN, PA (September 2, 2020) – Jess’s Sunshine Fund of Berks County Community Foundation is currently accepting grant applications from Boyertown-area families with dependent adult or minor children who suffer from a long-term catastrophic illness or injury.

Grants from Jess’s Sunshine Fund provide financial assistance for a variety of expenses, such as those incurred while seeking medical treatment (i.e., travel, hotel fees, parking) or making a residence wheelchair-accessible. The fund also makes grants for medical equipment not otherwise paid for by insurance.

Jess’s Sunshine Fund was established on February 20, 2001. Since the fund was established, Jess’s Sunshine Fund has made more than $58,041 in grants for the benefit of Boyertown-area families. Grants pay expenses that are not covered by health insurance or government assistance programs. More than $13,000 is available now.

The fund is named in memory of Jess Schaeffer, former manager of the Boyertown boys’ basketball team. Schaeffer used a wheelchair due to complications from Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare type of cancer.

Apply at, or go to and click on “Apply for a Grant” under “Scholarships + Grants” in the menu.


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