Berks County Community Foundation administers charitable funds. Each fund is known as a “component fund” of Berks County Community Foundation, and as such is granted nonprofit status and is subject to the rules and regulations governing nonprofit organizations.

Some individual donors or volunteer groups may wish to organize fundraising events, direct mail campaigns, and/or other types of solicitations to raise money for a particular fund.

The Community Foundation, unfortunately, does not have the staff to assist directly with all fundraising activities undertaken for the benefit of a fund. However, we support a donor’s commitment and enthusiasm for these activities and offer our advice for the proper and efficient management of all fundraising.

Fundraising for the benefit of funds at the Community Foundation can happen in two ways:

  • Independent Fundraising – Fundraising is conducted by an individual or independent organization without the endorsement or involvement of the Community Foundation. Generally, the group plans and executes a fundraiser and then makes one lump sum donation to the fund.
  • Berks County Community Foundation Fundraising – Fundraising can be conducted on behalf of Berks County Community Foundation, using the Community Foundation’s name, the name of the fund and all the benefits of the Community Foundation’s nonprofit status.

Please click on the type of fundraising you’re interested in to view the full policy.

If you are interested in fundraising for your fund, please click here to fill out an application and estimated budget.

Please send to:

Berks County Community Foundation
237 Court Street
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