Arthur O. and Clara M. Schlegel Memorial Fund for Deformed Children of Berks County

Grants support medical costs of treating and correcting physical deformities in Berks County children whose guardians are unable to meet such expenses.

The Arthur O. and Clara M. Schlegel Memorial Fund provides grants to support the needs of children with certain medical conditions.

To apply, follow this three-step online process:

  1. Indicate that you are applying on behalf of an individual in the one-question general application
  2. Complete the individual application
  3. Click the yellow “Apply” button to answer the supplemental questions related specifically to this fund (the questions are listed below for reference only – they must be answered online).

To qualify, a child must:

• Be a Berks County resident
• Be under age 18
• Suffer from a diagnosed condition that creates a permanent structural or superficial deviation from the normal shape or size resulting in disfigurement (this condition may be congenital or acquired)
• Have a family that is unable to pay for the costs of required treatment.

Expenses that may be covered include both direct and indirect medical expenses, including travel costs associated with the treatment, or other necessary, but ancillary, expenses.

Before you begin, gather the following items. They will need to be uploaded as part of this application.
• The child’s birth certificate
• Father’s driver’s license
• Mother’s driver’s license
• Health insurance card
• Summary of child’s health plan
• Most recent family tax return
• Child’s Individualized Education Plan (if applicable)


Note that not all questions will apply to all applicants. If a question applies to you but is not required by the system, be sure to complete the question anyway.

Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis, except applications are not accepted during the month of April. Applications will be reviewed by a committee to determine eligibility. The committee meets at least twice a year. Please note that because of the committee review process and the complicated nature of some of the requests, such as home modifications, it may take up to six months from the time you apply to receive a definitive answer on a request.


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