Donor Advised Funds

Many donors choose to support the community through Donor Advised Funds. Donor advised funds allow donors to make charitable contributions, receive an immediate tax benefit, and then recommend grants from the fund over time. The following Donor Advised Funds recommend hundreds of grants each year. These funds carry out the mission of the Community Foundation by making grants to charitable, cultural, educational and scientific organizations.

•     Anonymous Donor Advised Fund
•     Ronald L. and Beverly A. Bashore Fund
•     The Boomerang Fund
•     James K. and Nancy Lang Boyer Family Fund
•     Butterworth Family Fund
•     Cacoosing Schmidt Fund
•     Dennis and Carol Draeger Fund
•     Ehlerman Family Fund
•     John and Lisa Gallen Fund
•     Gifts That Give Back Charitable Fund
•     Hartman Charitable Fund
•     Helen M. and Harry O. Hahn Fund
•     Heider Fund
•     Holleran Donor Advised Fund
•     Jenkins Klein Family Fund
•     Ketchum Family Fund
•     Kline Family Fund
•     Kraines/Hoffman Charitable Fund
•     S. Marcellus Fund
•     Nick and Risa Marmontello Fund
•     Dale and Stephanie Mills Fund
•     Kim and Kevin Murphy Fund
•     National Penn Bank Donor Advised Fund
•     Rob and Yvonne Oppenheimer Fund
•     Lottie and Walter Pascoe Fund
•     Bob and Donna Rhoads Fund
•     Jay and Elaine Rosenson Fund
•     Scholl Fund
•     Brad and Carroll Scribner Donor Advised Fund
•     Irvin G. and Beatrice M. Shaffer Fund
•     Stoltzfus Charitable Fund
•     David L. Thun Family Fund
•     VA Productions, Inc. Charitable Fund
•     Don and Joanne van Roden Fund
•     Wright Family Fund
•     Rosalye Levine and Richard J. Yashek Family Fund

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