Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund

November 12, 1982 – E.O.W June 29, 2011

Kyle Pagerly and Jynx

Donations to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund support first responders whose continued service protects our community. We’re grateful for your donation, just as we are grateful for the service of the first responders who will have some of their training, development, equipment and other needs met because of the support of generous donors like you.

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Donations from the
Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund
to local law enforcement:

  • $750 for two heat alarms for police K9 teams through 1boy4change.
  • Continued donation to Corps Fitness “Call to Action” and “Badge 27” programs, which improve the health and fitness levels of first responders.
  • $2,625 for nine additional heat alarms for police K9 teams through 1boy4change.
  • $5,000 donation to Sinking Spring Police Department for various equipment including: Blackhawk dynamic entry kit, Condor gunner plate carrier (x3), curved shooters cut AR500 body armor with fragmentation protection (x3), Curved Rectangle back plate AR500 body armor with fragmentation protection (x3), Partiot 3 shield NIJ level 3A flex shield (x2), LE6920/Law Enforcement Carbine 16” barrel, Semi-Auto, 223 Rem, Matte Black Rifle.
  • $7,830 donation to South Heidelberg Township Police for five Remington AR15 rifles, vehicle mounts, and installation.
  • $742 donation to Shillington Fire Company for two fan misters.
  • $800 donation to Mohnton Fire Company for trash pump, PVC discharge Hose, and TN630 tool.


  • Wilson High School graduate, 2001
  • Volunteer firefighter with the Spring Township Fire Department, starting as a junior firefighter as a teenager, rising to rank of lieutenant
  • Served in the U.S. Army in both Kosovo, 2002, and Iraq 2003-2004
  • Graduate of Reading Police Academy, 2005
  • Graduate of Federal Prison Academy, 2006
  • Married Alecia A. Bird, 2007
  • Berks County Sheriff’s Deputy, 2006
  • Part-time Officer, Western Berks Regional Police, implemented bike patrol, 2007
  • Graduate of Philadelphia Canine Academy, 2009
  • Completed marathon, 2010
  • Member of U.S. Marshall Task Force