June 1, 2015 — The energy audit program that is administered by Berks County Community Foundation is a great way for nonprofit organizations to receive suggestions about how to save money.

A recent and ongoing example is Bethany Children’s Home. The organization received a grant from the Metropolitan Edison Company Sustainable Energy Fund at Berks County Community Foundation to spend $10,000 on an energy audit of 20 buildings on its campus in Heidelberg Township.

The audit outlined $868,000 in improvements that focused on upgrading from oil heat to natural gas, replacing hot water heaters, adding insulation, upgrading lighting and replacing windows.

These changes would save the nonprofit about $100,000 per year, meaning the cost could be repaid in energy savings within a decade. Bethany Children’s Home is now in the process of trying to secure a loan from the Met Ed Fund and the Pennsylvania Electric Company Sustainable Energy Fund.

Bethany Children's Home

Another example is the Animal Rescue League of Berks County Inc., which recently issued a report to Berks County Community Foundation outlining the results of an audit it had conducted on its Cumru Township headquarters courtesy of a $4,500 grant from the Met Ed Fund.

“As a result of this evaluation, we have replaced 75 percent of our lights with energy efficient LED lights,” said Liz McCauley, executive director. “We have also redirected some fans for better ventilation, saving energy during the hot months of summer.”

For more information on the energy audit program, click here.