This is the simplest method for conducting fundraising activities. In this situation, Berks County Community Foundation will act as a resource only and not promote the activity or be directly involved in its planning or execution in any way. We are always available to answer questions and offer guidance regarding a fundraising activity.

The net proceeds of a fundraiser can be sent to the Community Foundation for addition to a Fund at any time. The person or entity issuing the check will be recorded as the donor and will receive the appropriate acknowledgment. Individual participants in a fundraiser, whether they are ticket purchasers, sponsors, golf players, etc., will not receive an individual acknowledgement from the Community Foundation and therefore will not be eligible for a tax deduction for any part of their purchase/donation.

Tax Deductibility
Contributions to a fundraiser are only tax deductible when they are received and acknowledged directly by a qualified nonprofit organization (generally one with a 501(c)3 designation like the Community Foundation.) You will need to determine if this is a factor in the success of the fundraiser and if it is the motivating reason for participants to get involved in the event. We have found again and again that a donor who participates in a fundraising event is not doing so to receive a tax deduction. They truly believe in the purpose of the fundraiser and will write a check regardless of the tax benefits to themselves.

Please note: Donors should contact their personal financial advisor for advice on their specific tax situation.

Direct gifts to the Fund
Sometimes a donor will want to make a gift directly to the fund, without participating in the fundraising activity. When the gift is $250 or greater, contact the Community Foundation office. It will be beneficial to the donor to contribute directly to the fund through the Community Foundation office so they may receive an individual gift acknowledgement letter. It is important that the donor does not receive any goods or services from any fundraising activity (i.e. dinner, raffle tickets, round of golf) in exchange for their donation.

Independent fundraising is the simplest method for fundraisers to hold events such as golf tournaments, raffles, bingo nights, etc. The Community Foundation will not have to approve the fundraiser, records will not have to be turned in to the office, and the Community Foundation will not need to approve all promotional and printed material in connection with the fundraiser. In fact, we request that you do not use the Fund name or Berks County Community Foundation in connection with the event. The purpose of the fund can be used when stating the purpose of the event, however, the use of Berks County Community Foundation name, logo or the name of the fund is not permitted.