We love having visitors to our building and our Community Conference Center is very busy, often with simultaneous meetings using various rooms throughout the day.

We’d hate to have someone’s visit marred by a parking ticket. So here’s some advice on where to park when you come visit. First, there’s on-street parking along both Court and Third streets. Plan to “feed the meter” on those spots, but they’re great for a quick visit.

When we built the building, it was designed specifically to use the Chiarelli Parking Garage, which is owned by the Reading Parking Authority. We even pointed our entrance to the corner to make the walk across the street as short as possible. The rates are very reasonable.

For visitors with a handicap placard on their car, there’s a spot behind our building, with an entrance on Third Street, or the Chiarelli garage has spots. If you park behind the building, it may be easiest to enter the building from the back-side garden level entrance. Just push the buzzer next to the door.

Unfortunately, we don’t have space in our small back lot for other visitors. Non-employee cars parked there may be ticketed by the parking authority. The large lot next door (at Third and Washington) is owned by the church and is also not available for visitors.