READING, PA (January 27, 2023) Years ago, the organization Building a Better Boyertown adopted the tagline “Boyertown: A special kind of place.” And indeed it is. Rich in tourist attractions and wrapped in small-town charm, Boyertown is blessed with civic assets that keep it in a constant state of reinvigoration.

In January, Boyertown lost a woman who was perhaps its most important civic asset when its former mayor, Marianne Deery, died. Marianne was a long-serving volunteer at the Community Foundation, and we interviewed her about her service last year. At that time, she said, “You can make a difference here, and I think I have.”

We would have to agree. You can read the full text of that interview here.

From her perch as the owner of the Twin Turrets Inn, Marianne kept an eye on all things Boyertown. She founded Building a Better Boyertown, which has been the leading economic development organization for the borough. And she served on the advisory committee for our Boyertown Area Grantmaking Program for years, her guidance always fueled by the deep knowledge and love that she had for the community.

This list could go on and on. I’d be hard-pressed to remember a meeting I’ve attended in Boyertown over the years that Marianne didn’t host or at least attend.

Marianne and her husband Frank were the ultimate “power couple.” Marianne served as Mayor of Boyertown for two decades while Frank served as President of the Borough Council. It’s safe to say that not a lot happened in Boyertown without the Deery’s involvement.

Marianne’s passing leaves a huge void in Boyertown, but her legacy lives on in a community that is vital and resilient enough to recover from the loss and imagine the next phase of “a special kind of place” in her memory.

Kevin K. Murphy