Joseph McMahon graduated from Villanova University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree and Tau Beta Pi distinction. He went on to receive his Master’s in Civil Engineering degree in 1967 from Villanova, focusing his studies and training in Transportation Engineering. His Master’s degree was awarded by Villanova’s Institute for Transportation Studies.

Joe met his wife Peggy in 1963, a Villanova University School of Nursing graduate of 1967. As a trained nurse, she gave up her professional career once they were married in order to begin a family, as Joe traveled in his early career at Simpson & Curtin, working on transportation projects of various types all over the country and Canada.

Joe and Peggy made a decision in 1976 to form McMahon Associates, Inc. and set up a home office to begin a small transportation firm at the kitchen table, which has grown into a full-service transportation engineering company.

In 2018, business partners and co-workers of Joseph & Peggy McMahon honored their 40+ years of dedication to the transportation engineering industry by establishing this scholarship fund in their name.

To learn more about McMahon Associates, Inc., visit their website by clicking the following link: McMahon Associates

This fund will provide scholarships to students who have declared and have been accepted into the major of civil engineering with a focus in transportation engineering. Eligible students shall attend an accredited university that produces graduates with civil engineering degrees and with training and focus in the field of transportation engineering. Students currently attending and who will continue with this program are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Applicants must be full-time students and have a financial need in order to apply. College seniors who are going on to graduate school and current graduate school students can apply as long as they are pursuing a master’s degree or PhD specifically for a career in transportation engineering.

If support is awarded, scholarship support must be used for the upcoming school year and not to pay for the previous year. Previous recipients of a scholarship from this fund are eligible to receive a scholarship from this fund in a subsequent year; however, previous recipients will not be given preferential treatment. Previous applicants who did not receive an award in their first attempt are encouraged to apply in a subsequent year as long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

To be considered for this scholarship, apply between January 1st and March 1st. All applicants will be notified in May.

To apply, click on “Apply for a Scholarship” under the “Scholarships + Grants” section of the website menu.