Running a nonprofit is no easy business. A passion for the cause may drive the bulk of your work, but to be successful that passion must be coupled to the very real challenges of running an enterprise – managing human resources, generating revenue, and growing your impact.

One of the biggest challenges many organizations face – nonprofit or for-profit for that matter – is managing money. It takes precious time to work with an audit firm, create a business model, ensure proper financial reporting and fiscal stewardship, and stay on top of a whole host of other complex topics.

Fortunately, there are professional development opportunities through organizations like the Nonprofit Finance Fund and PANO to help.  Many colleges and universities offer in-depth programs, too.

I also encourage you to check out, which was created as a project of the Wallace Foundation. The site offers nonprofit financial management resources for planning, operating, monitoring and governing your organization.

As you drill down through the site, you’ll find free articles, presentations, reports, and other great resources to help you better manage your organization. It’s financial professional development at your fingertips.


Heidi Williamson
Vice President for Programs and Initiatives