Co-County Wellness Services recently announced that they reached their goal to reduce teenage pregnancy in Berks County. The teenage pregnancy rate in Berks County has decreased by 40% by 2022.

When Co-County Wellness started their work in 2012, the Berks County teenage rate surpassed national and state averages. In Reading, the rates were double that of the national average.

Teenage pregnancy is a reliable indicator of poor health, educational, and economic outcomes for teens and their babies. It’s important for teens to have access to a program like Berks Teens that will help them make healthy choices.

Berks Teens uses evidence-based methods that decrease levels of teenage pregnancy. These methods include empowering teens and their parents with health education and resources. Information and resources are available to teens through a social media and the creation of a health resource center at Reading High School. When teens aren’t getting their information from their parents, they are turning to their peers or the internet, and we know that there is an avalanche of misinformation available on the internet. Therefore, Berks Teens also does outreach to parents through social media and community events, so they are more comfortable speaking to their teens.

Berks County Community Foundation has proudly supported this initiative because this means long-lasting positive outcomes for our community.

Please reach out to Co-County Wellness Services if you are interested in learning more about this initiative or if you’d like to support their work. We must continue to support their work so that we don’t go back to our old rates.

-Monica Reyes, Health and Human Services Program Officer