Okay, maybe this isn’t like the third secret of Fatima or anything, but more than one of you has asked what the “surprise” countertop is. After all, how much surprise can a countertop deliver.

Well, first of all, Vivi’s desk (she’s our extrarodinarily able Executive Assistant and any of you who call here know her voice) is made of an environmentally sustainable product. In fact, through using this product, we divert post-consumer waste from landfills.
And we think Vivi’s countertop is also reflective of our mission. That was important. It needed to fit in.

The product is made by All Paper Recycling, Inc. in Le Center MN. They make countertops of shredded newspapers and shredded cardboard boxes. And they made Vivi’s countertop out of……shredded money.

That’s right, genuine U.S. currency. And on your tour of the building, if you look real closely, you’ll see words like “Federal”, “Ten” and “U.S.” on some of the fragments.

ShetkaStone (the name of the product) is an environmentally friendly countertop like IceStone. But frankly, we just did it because it was way too cool to pass up.