There’s not a lot of space for landscaping around the building, but we wanted to use what space we had to create at least a small urban green space. We hired Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects to design a landscape plan that reflected the environmental mission of the building. We think they did a great job and that the landscaping will be a nice addition to downtown. By using native plants, we reduce the amount of water that is required to maintain them. In fact, after they’re established, the plants should thrive on their own.

Fortunately, we found a great local landscaping company, Anewalt’s Landscape Contractors to install the landscaping and last week, it was all completed. The rainy summer we’ve had has continued, so the plants have needed very little watering, but of course, all the water that we would use comes from our cistern, meaning we’re not using Reading Water Authority water where we don’t need it.