It’s probably no surprise that we were careful about the carpet that we selected for the building. A big expense and a big choice in terms of its environmental impact, the carpet had to be functional, attractive and environmentally friendly. The carpet is made by InterfaceFlor and is a line called Entropy.

It’s worth a trip to their website on environmental sustainability to learn about this company’s extraordinary, industry leading practices. Among other things, the company is committed to carbon-neutrality–that’s an admirable challenge.

The Entropy carpet line is between 66% and 74% recycled materials–33% of which is post-consumer and 33%-41% of the carpet is post-industrial.

Because the carpet goes down in squares rather than rolls, it will cost us less in maintenance. When a square becomes worn or damaged, we just replace that square, not the whole roll. And the squares go into the recycling stream, not the waste stream!

So when you visit the building, be sure to look down. We’re proud of our carpet and the role it played in making the building more environmentally friendly.