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Do good with your donation.

Dreams start with donations. That can mean gifts of many shapes and sizes, and also time and other valuable resources. Even the smallest donation can start the ball rolling for a cause that can have a huge impact on the community.

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Journeys of Generosity

All across Berks County, we’ve helped acts of giving spark life-changing opportunities.


Preserving a Rural Legacy

We helped local groups with a stake in farmland ensure their communities would always it. Our grant of $4,000 helped these groups define a specific goal to preserve land and...Read More


Planting Community Roots

We built our headquarters in the heart of Berks County: the City of Reading. As the city's first "green" building, it supplements its water supply with rainwater and maximizes sunlight...Read More


Extending Our

We expanded our grant and scholarship team to better reach those looking to create a brighter future across Berks County. We're here to see positive change come to light for our...Read More

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