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Beauty, Confidence, and Community: Healing Through BCSS’s ‘Face Up to Safe Beauty’

April 29, 2024

Imagine the fear and isolation of facing breast cancer without support. In Berks County, approximately 126 women receive this life-changing news each year, according to the Pennsylvania County Health Profiles. No one in Berks County needs to face breast cancer alone. Breast Cancer Support Services (BCSS) is there every step of the way.

Breast cancer treatment often leads to physical and emotional changes that can be difficult to process. BCSS recognizes the impact goes far beyond the physical. That’s why BCSS’s ‘Face Up to Safe Beauty’ program is so impactful. This empowering series of quarterly workshops equips individuals to reclaim their sense of beauty and confidence through exploration of health and wellness, skin care, and beauty basics.

“This program allows survivors to learn new information and share experiences, including setbacks and wins, in a safe, nurturing environment, knowing they are not alone in their journey,” says Michele M. Reinert, Executive Director of BCSS.

Founded in 1993 by survivors and their loved ones, BCSS understands the immense challenges faced by those diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the years, their services have grown and adapted to meet the ever-evolving needs of women, men, and families facing breast cancer. Whether it’s navigating treatment options, finding emotional support through peer connections, or simply fostering a sense of community, BCSS has the resources to empower individuals on their journey. In 2023 alone, 18 newly diagnosed women received complete makeup sets, expert instruction, and eyebrow shaping techniques. An additional 68 survivors participated in programs covering gut health, skincare, makeup blending, and more.

Michelle, a participant in Breast Cancer Support Service’s ‘Face Up to Safe Beauty’ program, experienced the value of the program first-hand. “I struggled to find beauty in losing my hair and eyebrows, along with the many changes in my skin,” Michelle says. “This session helped me practice drawing on my eyebrows and realize I can still feel good about looking in the mirror during treatment.”

“These programs have helped me feel more confident in my skin,” says participant Leslie. “Having time to focus on myself and what makes me feel good can be rare, so I am grateful for these workshops for helping me do that.”

This program is possible thanks to the Richard L. Henry Memorial Fund of Berks County Community Foundation.  This fund is dedicated to supporting women with breast cancer or organizations that aid them.

Visit the BCSS website today to learn how to get involved or donate. You can also inquire about volunteer opportunities and make a direct impact. Every act of kindness, big or small, empowers someone facing their toughest battle.

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