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Creating Legacy: How Can You Create Change in the Community?

February 16, 2024

For nearly 30 years, Berks County Community Foundation has helped individuals, families, organizations, and businesses achieve their charitable objectives. We know that change radiates outward, and we help people create a brighter future and a legacy of real transformation for all of us. This often includes creating a fund to honor the memory of a loved one or support a cause about which the individual or family cares deeply. In either case, a member of our staff works with the people involved to determine the best way to meet their charitable objectives.

How does it work?  First, think about what you are passionate about supporting.  We can help you achieve your charitable goals, no matter the cause or motivation. Let us help you discover the type of charitable fund that best matches your goals.

Different funds fulfill different dreams.

Which of these types of funds works best for your dream? 

  • Undesignated: Want to meet the most pressing needs in Berks County? Grants from undesignated funds are determined by our board of directors to address ever-changing community needs. 
  • Designated: Support a specific organization year after year, even after you are gone. Organizations benefit from consistent support, and you can be confident the money in your fund is professionally managed. 
  • Field of Interest: Whatever your cause, our team of program experts will do the legwork to ensure grants from your fund make a difference for your cause now and for years to come. 
  • Donor Advised: Make decisions about where grants from your fund go each year while you are alive, with the option to name a successor advisor after you are gone. 
  • Scholarships and Awards: Help students pay for their education through a scholarship fund, honor people for significant accomplishments by establishing an annual award, or use a designated fund or field-of-interest fund to support a specific school or area of education. 

Ready to put your charitable vision into action?  We are here to help. Click here to use our short questionnaire to set your journey of generosity in motion. Questions? Email We look forward to helping you fulfill your charitable goals.

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