Albany Township Tomorrow Fund

Benefits the residents of Albany Township, Berks County PA

The Albany Township Tomorrow Fund was created in honor of Pauline Levan Hamm and Gloria Longenberger Hamm and their lifelong efforts to support and improve the Albany Township community. The Fund provides grants to support community-minded organizations and initiatives that benefit the general population of Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The fund awards grants each year using the following considerations:
Grant funding is to be for the general benefit of the Albany Township community and not for programs/activities restricted to members or beneficiaries of a single organization.
Grants may not be made for the benefit of pre-identified individual residents.
Grants benefiting youth education and advancement will be given priority.
Activity-based programs will be preferred over facility/material support.
Community enhancement/improvement programs will be preferred over support of existing programs/activities.
Funding shall be used only for secular purposes. While religious organizations may be eligible for grants, the grant funding shall be used for the benefit of the general community, and not to advance religion-focused organizational goals.


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