West Reading Disaster Recovery Fund

This fund provided aid to members of the community who were affected by the March 24, 2023 explosion in West Reading. More than 1,900 people donated to the fund while it was open.

The West Reading Disaster Relief Fund accepted donations through May 31, 2023, at which time it sunset, with all remaining funding held for immediate and future needs related to the following priorities:

  1. Support to the families of individuals killed in the explosion for immediate financial losses.
  2. Support to individuals displaced from their homes as a result of the explosion.
  3. Support to organizations helping individuals displaced from employment as a result of the explosion.
  4. Support to the Borough of West Reading for planning and/or implementation of historical commemoration of the explosion (including, but not limited to the creation of a memorial to those lost).

Reading Pride Celebration Gives Back Fund

This fund supports projects and programs that affirm and enhance the lives of LGBTQ youth in Berks County.

Created with a portion of the proceeds from the annual Reading Pride Celebration Festival, this fund will allow educators and community organizations to develop or expand programing that directly impacts the lives of LGBTQ+ students in Berks.


Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Community Foundations

The Fund for Ednannia collects and distributes donations to community foundations in Ukraine.

All funds raised are distributed to ISAR Ednannia for its Emergency Fund. ISAR Ednannia is a Ukrainian national network for the development of local philanthropy.

This fund was established at Berks County Community Foundation in the spring of 2022 to help Ukrainian community foundations address the most pressing needs in their communities.

Examples of initiatives that have so far been supported by the Fund for Ednannia:

To learn more about the projects and programs that have been funded, read the People to People Impact Report prepared by ISAR Ednannia.

St. John’s UCC Reading Fund

The St. John’s UCC Reading Fund supports organizations and causes that were important to the mission of the church. Grants support programs and initiatives that reduce hunger, offer shelter or improve housing, meet a pressing need for youth, or create or maintain open space.

Distributions are made in the following order of preference:
• Religious organizations or causes within a one-mile radius of 149 S. 9th Street, Reading, PA.
• Organizations or causes within a one-mile radius of 149 S. 9th Street, Reading, PA.
• Religious organizations or causes in the City of Reading.
• Organizations or causes in the City of Reading.
• Religious organizations or causes in Berks County.
• Organizations or causes in Berks County.

St. John’s was located at 149 S. Ninth St. in Reading. It was formed in 1871 as St. John’s Reformed Church of Reading.

In 2017, a majority of its remaining members voted to dissolve St. John’s United Church of Christ as a legal entity.

In 2019, the church filed with Berks County Court to transfer much of its assets to the Community Foundation and to give its building and some assets to Open Door Mennonite Church, Lancaster County, to establish the South 9th Street Mennonite Church in the building.

In 2020, the St. John’s UCC Reading Fund of Berks County Community Foundation was created to continue the church’s mission.

Albany Township Tomorrow Fund

The Albany Township Tomorrow Fund was created in honor of Pauline Levan Hamm and Gloria Longenberger Hamm and their lifelong efforts to support and improve the Albany Township community. The Fund provides grants to support community-minded organizations and initiatives that benefit the general population of Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The fund awards grants each year using the following considerations:

Military Assistance Fund

This fund supports charitable and educational programs and organizations that help those who served in any of the five branches of the United States of America’s Armed Forces, National Guard, or Military Reserves.

Safe Berks Endowment Fund

Annual distributions from this fund are made to Safe Berks to help it carry out its mission. The mission of Safe Berks is to provide safe haven and support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The advocacy and education programs of Safe Berks increase awareness of oppression and promote the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Cystic Fibrosis Fund of Berks County

The Cystic Fibrosis Fund of Berks County provides grants to support the needs of individuals who have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

To qualify, an individual must:

Expenses that may be covered include both direct and indirect medical expenses and necessary, but ancillary, expenses related to cystic fibrosis treatment.

How the Cystic Fibrosis Fund of Berks County began.

Wyomissing Area Soccer Club McCanney Fund

This fund makes annual distributions to the Wyomissing Area Soccer Club to assist in the payment of registration fees for families with a financial need.

James L. and Kathleen M. Adams Fund for the Hope Rescue Mission

This fund makes annual distributions to Hope Rescue Mission in Reading, PA.