Grants Available for Children and Families


We’re here to help

The primary purpose of these grants is to ease financial burden and provide crucial support to individuals facing challenges allowing them to overcome obstacles. Over the years, we have implemented a diverse range of programs and initiatives that have sparked an impact on countless individuals in Berks County.

In order to apply to any of the funds listed below, families or professionals must create an account. Log on to our online grant system and complete an application. Applications are typically reviewed within 14 days.

Arthur O. and Clara M. Schlegel Memorial Fund for Deformed Children of Berks County – This fund helps defray the medical and hospital costs of treating children who suffer from a diagnosed condition that creates a permanent structural or superficial deviation from the normal shape or size resulting in disfigurement (this condition may be congenital or acquired) residing in Berks County who are without parents or whose parents cannot afford expenses. Example: Home modifications for disabled children that insurance would not cover. 

Parrot Head Club Angel Fund – This fund provides financial support directly to or on behalf of individuals in extraordinary situations where a nominal amount of intervention is likely to yield life–changing outcomes. Example: Homework assistance, swimming lessons (therapy), clothing, evaluations, etc.

Camella Maggs Client Memorial Fund – This fund helps children with physical or learning disabilities attain their greatest potential. Example: Summer camp for Easter Seals tuition, school clothing, etc.

Emmanuel “Manny” Dimitriou Memorial Fund – This fund makes distributions to children who are residents of Berks County for critical medical, social, and educational needs that will enhance their ability to achieve their full potential in life and contribute to society. Example: Cost of swimming lessons for a form of physical therapy.

Susan E. Kraus/Robert W. Gill Fund – This fund provides financially supports adults (defined as over 18) who were once foster children and who have financial need for assistance for educational and/or transitional housing expenses. Maximum of $1000 given per person. Applicant must have either lived in Berks County foster homes and or were Berks County residents at the time of their placement into foster care (applicant must provide proof).  

B Strong B Rich Fund – This fund provides financial help for expenses not covered by insurance for Berks residents who are under the age of 30 years old and have been diagnosed with or are recovering from a cancer diagnosis. Example: six months of car insurance was paid during treatment while the applicant was unemployed to ensure transportation was available for medical appointments.

Cystic Fibrosis Fund of Berks County – Distributions of this fund are to support cystic fibrosis research or for the treatment and care of individuals and/or families impacted by cystic fibrosis.  Example: paid for a home generator to ensure the running of medical equipment. 

Daryll and Susanne Shoff Fund/ Pets in Need Fund – This fund provides veterinary care to animals in life-threatening situations for whose owner is unable to afford such life-saving care. Verification from the veterinarian is needed that the condition is life-threatening. 

Dental Treatment Fund – This fund provides dental treatment to individuals who are residents of Berks or Schuylkill County that are otherwise unable to pay for such treatment.  

Jess’s Sunshine Fund – This fund provides financial help to families who are residents of the Boyertown Area School District with dependent adult or minor children who have special needs arising from a long-term catastrophic illness or injury. Example: Swimming lessons to help with physical rehabilitation and funded a custom made tricycle.

Margaret B. Moeller Memorial Fund for Alzheimer’s Home Care Companions – This fund assists families in the Boyertown Area School District, with members who have Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia in obtaining the services of in-home care companions, aides, or other providers of respite care. Example: paid for respite home health nursing care so caregivers could go on vacation.

Ira M. Becker Fund for Men – The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to educate young men up to the age of 30 who are in excessive need of financial assistance to further their education.  The fund will not support tuition expenses. Example: funded a laptop for education purposes.

Penny Jar Fund – The purpose of the fund is to provide non-tuition-related financial assistance to students enrolled in a college located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, who have encountered an unexpected financial crisis because of an unplanned turn of events. This is available to currently enrolled undergraduate students. High school seniors and graduate students are not eligible to apply.   The main distribution from the fund will be primarily for living expenses, professional testing fees, books, childcare, transportation, uniforms, and other emergency needs. The fund will not support tuition expenses.

Wyomissing Area Soccer Club McCanney Fund – The purpose of this fund is to assist in the payment of registration fees for programs at the Wyomissing Area Soccer Club for youth whose families have a financial need.  Individuals can access these funds. The family should reach out to the Wyomissing Area Soccer Club first to ask for financial help with registration.  

Royals Youth Hockey Fund – This fund provides financial support for youth to take part in ice hockey lessons, camps, clinics, or leagues through the Reading Royals Youth Hockey Association. Individuals can access these funds.

Richard D. and Linda Reed McCrae Clothing Fund (no application online) – This fund supports 6th, 7th, and 8th grader students in the Muhlenberg School District who show financial need and a need for clothing, accessories, and other items that promote good hygiene.  School staff fill out paper applications and hands in receipts. Reimbursement will be sent to the school district directly. Example: Backpacks, clothing, shoes, sneakers, haircuts, toiletries, etc. For an application, please email Cindy Milian, Health and Human Services Program Officer,

Bridge Fund – (no application online) – This fund helps meet the critical needs of children and those responsible for their care that are under the jurisdiction of judges handling youth and domestic issues. This application can only be filed by employees of Berks County Children and Youth Services (BCCYS) or officers from the Berks County Juvenile Probation Office (JPO). The application must be signed by a judge. This fund help avoid out-of-home care by BCCYS and to reward children involved with JPO that are under their supervision. Example: Heating assistance, Amazon gift cards to purchase home needs, purchase of public transportation to and from employment. For an application, please email Cindy Milian, Health and Human Services Program Officer,