Communicating About Your Grant

Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Berks County Community Foundation! We are honored to see that funding will benefit your work, and we look forward to supporting your storytelling efforts as well.

In the weeks after grants are awarded and your grant follow-up report is submitted, the Community Foundation sends out a press release to local media to announce recipients and their projects. Each organization is encouraged to add its voice by reaching out to news outlets and social media. Connect with Erica Caceres, Communication Manager, with questions or requests.

Contact local media

Contact local news outlets to let them know about your grant award and project. You may use the provided template below, or create your press release, but we ask that you include the Community Foundation logo and boilerplate. If you’d like a quote that pertains to your specific organization or project, we are happy to provide one.

Share with your community

Share about the grant you received and the work you’re doing in your newsletters, annual reports, lists of supporters, and on social media. When sharing about the grant on your social channels, make sure to tag us so we can repost it!

Acknowledging where the funding comes from

Use this language to describe the Berks County Community Foundation:

The mission of Berks County Community Foundation is to promote philanthropy and improve the quality of life for the residents of Berks County.  Since 1994, our work has been made possible by generous donations from people and donors who created funds to give back in perpetuity. These funds have provided millions of dollars in scholarships and grants to support our community.

Logo use

Use the provided logos, found below.

The preferred logo use is the standard logo on a white background, to best showcase the color palette. There are countless ways a logo and logotype can be improperly used. Avoiding improper usage and preserving the integrity of the logo is extremely important. If you have questions on using our logo, please email Erica Caceres,

Communication Resources

Standard logo

Use this logo as the standard when promoting your fund.

Download standard logo

Press release template

Outreach to the community with a media press release.

Download a press release template

Horizontal logo

Use this logo when you are in need of an horizontal logo depending on the format of your promotion.

Download horizontal logo

Spark icon

This is the spark icon that can be used in any of your promotional efforts.

Download spark icon

Connect with Erica Caceres, Communication Manager, with questions or requests.

Email Erica