The Gudrun R. Wilson Schuylkill Valley Middle School Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2002 by the family and friends of Gudrun Wilson in her memory and in recognition of her devotion to education. Mrs. Wilson loved children. This love was no more evident than during the last 10 years of her career through her service as principal of the Schuylkill Valley Middle School.

The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships to students of Schuylkill Valley High School to perpetuate the memory of Gudrun Wilson, who was highly respected as the principal of Schuylkill Valley Middle School by her colleagues, students, and members of the community. The fund will provide scholarships to a student who is:

  1. pursuing a degree in the field of education
  2. or for a student who was at one time, or is currently, identified as learning support or learning disabled and is pursuing a degree in any field
  3. or for a student who has overcome adversity in his or her life and is pursuing a degree in any field.

In addition to meeting one of the criteria above, the recipient must have attended Schuylkill Valley School District for grades six, seven, and eight and possess the character traits that Mrs. Wilson felt one should embrace: kindness, caring, sportsmanship, generosity, academic persistence, vigor and a positive attitude in all of life that allows the individual to succeed in challenging circumstances.

To be considered for this scholarship, apply between January 1st and March 1st. Applicants will be notified in May.

To apply, click on “Apply for a Scholarship” under the “Scholarships + Grants” section of the website menu.