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Met-Ed / Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund


The Met Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund has one grant of up to $340,000 available to support an applied research-and-development project in Pennsylvania. Projects located within the territories served by the Met Ed or Penelec electric companies will receive preference. The goal of the funding is to support a project that drives down energy consumption and closes the gap on the cost difference between traditional energy technologies and renewables, thereby making renewables a more attractive option for new infrastructure investments across the Commonwealth. We aim to support projects that test and/or pilot technologies and applications, not building retrofits or system/component installations.

To learn more and/or apply, use the Access Code R&DRFP2020 at this link.

Click here for a map of the territories and specific zip codes serviced by Met-Ed and Penelec.

What We Do

The Met-Ed / Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund provides grants, loans, and equity investments to promote:

  • the development and use of renewable energy and clean energy technologies
  • energy conservation and efficiency
  • sustainable energy businesses
  • projects that improve the environment in the companies’ service territories, as defined by their relationship to the companies’ transmission and distribution facilities

News and Information

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Gautier Steel interior

Gautier Steel: History in the Making

“This has been a long time coming and we’re very excited about this,” said Jacqueline Kulback, CFO & Controller at Gautier Steel.

Work had begun to fulfill the company’s first customer order of steel plates. Eventually, it will be rolling titanium and other specialty metals.

The Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies got a behind-the-scenes look as the mill did its early test runs. Gautier received a $25,000 grant and a $500,000 loan from the SEF to help to complete the nearly $20 million project.

15th Anniversary Report of the Met-Ed / Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund

15 years of PA’s sustainable energy funds

In 2000, the sustainable energy industry was bolstered by the creation of special funds across the Commonwealth to provide financial support for projects that promoted renewable and sustainable energy.

Two of those funds, the Metropolitan Edison Company Sustainable Energy Fund of Berks County Community Foundation and the Pennsylvania Electric Company Sustainable Energy Fund of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, marked their 15th anniversary in 2015.

Download the report here.

Our projects

Click the map for a searchable database of all projects funded by the Met-Ed / Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund through December 31, 2018.



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