Amin Family Scholarship Fund

The Amin Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2018 to support scholarships for students who attend Reading High School.

Reading High School seniors who plan to continue their education after high school, have achieved a cumulative *Unweighted* GPA of 3.0 (B average) or above, have a financial need, and have an acceptable high school attendance record may apply for this scholarship. Note: emphasis will be given to the quality of the essays.

Mandan Amin was born in the Northern Province of Iran. Early in her life, she learned the importance of education through her father who taught her that the only way to influence people and make a difference would be to be educated. Throughout school she studied hard and received an award of Excellence reserved only for those from the school district who had finished at the top of the class. Her love of science, medicine and strong ambition led her to follow an unconventional journey. While there was equality for women to get educated, most did not venture far from home. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Tehran to follow her dreams. She taught science, mathematics and drawing in an all-girl high school. She later went abroad to Germany where she got a bigger view of the world.

Upon her return to Tehran, she majored in political science in Tehran University Law School, which was a competitive undergraduate program. That followed with a Master’s degree in hospital administration and an internship in a Tehran hospital. Throughout Mandan’s life, she cared for policy to help streamline hospital protocols, knowing that providing committees to support further medical training as well as advocating for patients’ comforts would help faster healing. Mandan also joined the International Organization for Children, where she taught and prepared young children who had intellectual disabilities for primary school.

In the 1970s, Mandan made the difficult decision to leave everything she had ever known behind. After settling in the United States, Mandan focused her attention on her children and their education. All three children followed their education path and the American Dream.

A common trend in Mandan’s life was to actively help people. Whether it was disadvantaged children who could not advocate for themselves or friends needing support or empathy, Mandan was always there. She was the person who pushed her children and others to be their best selves. She believed everyone had some talent and, through education and hard work, they could realize their own American Dream.

It was her children’s wish to provide others with the same opportunities that were given to her own children. Following in her footsteps, they established this fund in her name.

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Scholarship Fund

Amin Family Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarships to Reading High School seniors who will further their education after high school, have good grades, a good attendance record, and a financial need.

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