Boyertown Young Woman in Science Fund

Dr. Deborah S. Patt, former owner of The Patt Veterinary Hospital in Gilbertsville, established the Boyertown Young Woman in Science Fund. Dr. Patt is a native of the Boyertown area and is the daughter of a veterinarian, which strongly influenced her choice of profession. She spent much of her time working in her father’s practice. She is a graduate of Boyertown High School, Albright College, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. In 1978, she joined her father’s practice as a full-time associate veterinarian. In 1990, she assumed ownership of The Patt Veterinary Hospital. In 2016, she retired from practicing medicine. Dr. Patt is very interested in inspiring girls to pursue higher education in the life sciences, especially veterinary medicine, and wants to give something back to her community in which she has lived and worked all her life.

This scholarship is to be awarded to one or more female students who are entering 8th grade in the Boyertown Area School District who have demonstrated an aptitude for and an interest in science, and who demonstrate a particular affinity for veterinary science and animals. The goal of the Fund is to develop, cultivate and encourage the love of science in young women to encourage them to consider academic study and careers in the health sciences, particularly veterinary science. The Fund seeks to meet this goal by providing for summer workshops, internships and other experiential programs within the continental United States to the selected student(s).

Science Teachers at the Boyertown Junior High Schools will select eligible candidates to complete applications.

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Boyertown Young Woman In Science Fund

This fund supports scholarships for seventh and eighth-grade female students in the Boyertown Area School District who show an aptitude for and an interest in science, with a particular emphasis on veterinary science, and who wish to participate in summer workshops, internships or other experiential programs to develop that aptitude or interest.

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