Power Of The Purse In Berks County Fund

7 Reasons to Join Power of the Purse

Improve the Lives of Women and Girls in Berks County

Women have a huge impact on our families, community and the next generation of both women and men.

The Power of the Purse has focused on funding programs that help break the cycle of poverty by eliminating or addressing barriers for Berks County girls and women who want to enter or re-enter the workforce or seek the education they need to do so.

Just scroll down to see the list of grants we’ve given to organizations that are doing important work.

Participate in Research-Based Philanthropy

With Power of the Purse, you can rest easy knowing your dollars are spent in a responsible, effective way. Our funding process starts with a discussion of local issues affecting women and girls and continues with an evaluation of and site visits to programs aimed at improving their lives.

Magnify Your Impact

Through the power of collective giving, your annual gift has the added impact of gifts from dozens of other women. Nowhere else can a relatively modest gift do so much to assist organizations and the women and girls they serve.

Tailor Your Involvement

Whether you prefer just writing a check or also becoming deeply involved, you’re free to do as much or as little as you like, and you can evaluate your involvement every year.

Learn About Issues and Philanthropy

Power of the Purse is an opportunity to learn about the needs of our community and how to effectively address them.

Meet Like-Minded Women

Whether you’re a newcomer or a Berks County native, Power of the Purse helps you connect with women in our community and beyond. Share your expertise, learn about pressing issues and build lasting relationships with new friends.

Leverage Operating Costs and Expertise

As an initiative of Berks County Community Foundation, Power of the Purse benefits from their years of experience and financial stewardship.

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If you would like to donate via Credit Card, click below to donate now. You can also check out our Ways to Give page to review other methods for donating.

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The Power of the Purse in Berks County accepts applications from late November until late January. Specific dates vary from year to year.

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Power of the Purse in Berks County Fund

Grants support programs that improve the quality of life for women and girls in Berks County.

November 23 - January 24

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Berks County


Individuals in Need, Healthcare and Public Health

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